Korean Descriptive Verbs

In this Korean vocabulary lesson, you will learn 100 Korean descriptive verbs, also known as, Korean adjectives. When you are studying Korean you may see these words in textbooks referred to as either descriptive verbs or adjectives. The reason for this is because if you look up an adjective in a Korean dictionary, you will see it is in its basic verb form.

For example, if you look up the adjective ‘big’ in a dictionary, you will find the word 크다 (to be big). As you can see, it is in its basic verb form, and so adjectives in Korean are sometimes referred to as Korean descriptive verbs.

Below you’ll find a list of 100 Korean adjectives/descriptive verbs that you can easily learn to expand your Korean vocabulary.

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100 Korean Descriptive Verbs / Adjectives

Korean Adjectives