Ordering Food At Korean Restaurant

Visiting a Korean restaurant is a really enjoyable experience, but it’s even more fun if you can order food in Korean. In this Korean lesson, you will learn words and expressions you can use when ordering food in a Korean restaurant. This lesson is ideal for beginner Korean language learners who want to learn phrases they can use in a Korean restaurant.

Ordering Food At A Korean Restaurant

Ordering Food At A Korean Restaurant

Script And Translation

Arriving at a Restaurant

A: 어서 오세요. 몇 분이세요? / Welcome. How many people?
B: 두 명요. / 2 people.
A: 이쪽으로 오세요. 여기 앉으세요. / Come this way, please. Sit here, please.

Ordering Food

B: 여기요. 주문할게요. / Excuse me. I am ready to order.
A: 네, 뭐 드릴까요? / Yes, what would you like?
B: 비빔밥 하나하고 볶음밥 하나 주세요. / One Bibimbap and one Bokkeumbap, please.
A: 비빔밥 하나, 볶음밥 하나요? / One Bibimbap and one Bokkeumbap?
B: 네. / Yes.