My Story

About me

My name is Arah. I am a qualified Korean language teacher from Busan, South Korea.

I hold a MA in teaching Korean as a foreign language from Busan University of Education, and I have been teaching Korean for the past ten years. Prior to becoming a Korean language instructor, I taught English at various institutions in Korea. As such I am capable and confident to provide Korean language lessons in Korean and English.

Qualifications And Experience


I have an M.A. in teaching Korean to speakers of other languages from Busan National University of Education, and I have qualified teacher status to teach Korean as a foreign language.

Teaching Experience

I have taught Korean to foreign students at various universities in Busan, South Korea, including:

  • Silla University (신라대학교)
  • Kyungsung University (경성대학교)
  • Tongmyong University (동명대학교)

I have also taught Korean in English as a private tutor and as an online Korean teacher.

Prior to becoming a Korean teacher, I also taught English to Korean workers at various Korean companies, including Samsung, and to Korean students at various universities in Busan.

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